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Laboratory Philosophy

Our goal as a laboratory is to conduct science at the highest level possible. Our success in this noble endeavor is determined by our efforts and accomplishments as individuals and as members of our team. To this end, it is essential that we conduct ourselves with the highest levels of scientific and personal integrity and cooperation. Everyone has strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Effective team members recognize that this is the case and are not hesitant to give assistance or ask for assistance when needed. Everyone should recognize that we all have something to learn from each other and everyone must conduct themselves with this in mind.


We are all here to advance our research goals and to make discoveries that will create new knowledge and improve the lives of people affected by cardiovascular disease. To this end, I expect people to be committed to their projects, to put in the effort that is required to make advances in a timely fashion, and to dedicate themselves to being successful scientists. You should bring self motivation, enthusiasm and a positive outlook to the work you do in the laboratory. You should also be aware of your own personal needs to maintain happiness in your life. In turn, I will provide you with the tools to be successful in the laboratory and I will help you achieve milestones and goals during your time in the lab and beyond.  


We are a team. I expect everyone to embrace this philosophy and to recognize that you are not in competition with one another. While everyone has their own specific project(s) they are working on, our larger scientific goals and advances will always be enhanced through collaboration, the sharing of ideas and the discussion of data with other members of our laboratory. I expect everyone in the lab to discuss their work openly to facilitate their own ongoing studies as well as to facilitate the progress of others.


Science is a community of individuals with an array of backgrounds, experiences and capabilities. I expect everyone in the laboratory to be treated with respect at all times. While disagreements and differences of opinion can and do occur, my expectation is that everyone will act with the highest levels of professionalism and collegiality at all times. Criticism, when delivered constructively, facilitates learning and development. Any form of disrespect or harassment, or any behaviors that create a negative working environment, will not be tolerated in this laboratory.


We are all privileged to be in a position to conduct science and pursue new knowledge for the betterment of our society. Through hard work and dedication, and with commitment to the principles above, our laboratory will always be a place where everyone is put in a position make outstanding scientific accomplishments, achieve great success and experience personal growth. Conducting one’s self with these philosophies in mind will position everyone to develop as people worthy of both personal and professional respect.

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