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positions available

The Rose Lab has positions for Postdoctoral Fellows and

Graduate Students available now.


Please read the information below regarding application requirements.

Why join the Rose Lab?

The goal of the Rose Lab is to provide a dynamic and supportive environment with opportunities to pursue cutting edge research in cardiac physiology and disease. Mentoring and training premier scientists for future generations is a top priority in the Rose Lab. Everyone who joins the laboratory will have the opportunity to pursue their research interests and develop skills that are critical for both short term and long term success. In addition to training with multiple techniques, models, and approaches, members of the laboratory will have the opportunity develop additional skills that are essential for careers in research and other related fields.



All applicants should ensure they have read the Rose Lab Philosophy available here.



Motivated and enthusiastic individuals are encouraged to contact Dr. Rose to discuss opportunities in the laboratory. Inquiries can be directed to Dr. Rose by email.


Postdoctoral Fellows


If you are interested in a position as Postdoctoral Fellow please submit a cover letter describing your prior research experience and your future research goals. Please also submit your full CV as well as the names and contact information for three references.  Documents should be sent to Dr. Rose by email.

Please see PDF posting here.



Graduate Students


The Rose Lab trains PhD and MSc students. If you are interested in a graduate student position in the lab please contact Dr. Rose by email. Please provide details on your prior academic experiences including degree(s) obtained, courses completed, transcripts (unofficial is fine initially) and any relevant research experience. I will be happy to meet with you to discuss potential opportunities.

Please see PhD student posting here.



Undergraduate Students


The Rose lab has opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects. This can be as a Summer Student or as an undergraduate Honours/Project student. Undergraduate students who are interested in joining the lab should contact Dr. Rose by email and provide details on your undergraduate program, including any relevant course work completed. Please also provide a transcript (unofficial is fine initially). I will be happy to meet with you to discuss potential opportunities.

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